Sewer and Septic Services

startek septic services sunshine coast bc

Complete Sewer and Septic Services on the Sunshine Coast BC

The experienced staff at Star-Tek can provide your business or municipality with complete sewer and septic services. We are known for providing quality, on-time sewer and septic services, all while maintaining our everyday low rates.

We offer services throughout the Sunshine Coast BC for:
• High Pressure Field & Drain Flushing
• Sewer & Drain Flushing
• Septic Tank Cleaning
• Video Inspections
• Septic Field & Perimeter Drains
• Perimeter Drain Flushing & Repairs
• Flushers and Root Cutters

Other Sewer and Septic Services

We can also provide quality repairs, installations and inspections to many sewer and septic systems on the Sunshine Coast BC.

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